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Dr. Edith Cuevas-Mendoza

Being a dentist is my life: it is what I know to do best. I love what I do and think my patient family understands my passion and appreciates my attentiveness to their comfort and needs. Working with people of all ages, with unique experiences, stories and dental needs and expectations makes my day enjoyable. It also presents a good challenge, because I need to figure out how to help each person in the way that is right for them. I think this makes me a better dentist. Each of my patients deserves individual care and that is what I give them.

I love the interaction I have with patients, getting to know each on a personal level, and providing them with the dental care they need. It is rewarding to make a person feel better physically and emotionally, to educate them about their oral health and to help them be happier!


My older sister is a dentist and, when I was growing up, I saw her go through dental school: I thought that what she was learning and how she was able to help people was fascinating!

My Doctor of Dental Medicine was obtained at Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines. After passing the Bench Board for Foreign Graduates, I passed the California State Boards and have been a licensed dentist in California since 1996.

One of the most exciting aspects of dentistry, I find, is that the field is always evolving. Ongoing research leads to new techniques, materials and technologies, which can improve all aspects of care: from diagnostics and treatment planning to procedures and outcomes.

Through continuing education – attending meetings, seminars, lectures and taking courses – I stay current on the latest developments. Carefully assessing each new option, I am able to incorporate changes that improve patient care and provide the high-quality dentistry each of my patients deserve!


My father served in the US Navy and much of my early life was spent in Rhode Island and Virginia. I then lived in the Philippines for ten years while attending college and dental school and have called Culver City my home since 1996.

Family is my happiness. I am married and have two wonderful children, both of whom are in college. My son is in business school but also has an interest in engineering. My daughter is a kinesiology major with a pre-health track and is intending to go to dental school and then, hopefully, join my practice! While my kids are at college, our home is not empty as we have two dogs for company.

If not at the office, I tend to be found at home where I relax. But I do enjoy outings with friends, and my family likes to vacation and travel. I especially like gathering with my siblings. I am one of five sisters and all of us are in the dental field. My parents did an excellent job raising five girls!